bobs watches store review

Bob’s Watches Store – Are They Legit in 2024

Wanting to know more about the Bob’s Watches Store and if they are good to deal with in 2024?

then read this guide.

Many e-commerce websites sell watches ranging from affordable beater accessories to luxury timepieces collectors often look for.

However, fakes, imitations, and items with replaced parts swarm the market, sowing doubt on consumers to buy from online exchange portals, knowing they could be duped any moment.

Thankfully, there remains an online seller that you can fully trust to offer only original luxury timepieces, backed with an authenticity certificate and a full refund guarantee.

What is Bob’s Watches?

Bob’s Watches is an online exchange where users can buy, sell, or trade their pre-owned Rolex watches at fair market value.

It’s the marketplace trusted by thousands of users worldwide when looking for vintage and antique luxury timepieces.

Paul Altieri is the founder and CEO of the company and is known as one of the foremost experts in Rolex watches.

He loves Rolex watches because he sees them as a symbol of quality, achievement, and luxury.

He has a personal collection of over 400 vintage Rolex watches, which to his estimate is worth at least $3 million. 

To start the company, Paul bought his first Rolex inventory in an auction for almost $200,000.

He sold them all online at a profit.

By 2010, the company already grossed $2 million due to the trustworthy reputation he has built on an online market space where it’s hard to come by.

The company has expanded from dealing with only Rolex watches into other luxury brands including Oris, Omega, Panerai, Breitling, JLC, and IWC, among others.

The company currently resides in Newport Beach, California, where Paul and his wife Carol, along with 34 employees, are all working to guarantee their customers always have a positive experience doing business with them.

What Makes Bob’s Watches Unique

Unlike other e-commerce websites, Bob’s Watches promotes absolute transparency to both buyers and sellers.

They display both the price they’ll buy second-hand luxury watches and the price they’ll sell it.

They reveal the markup to honor the fair market value of all the products they sell on the site.

The culture of trust they’ve built throughout the years made them a reliable place for buying and selling pre-loved Rolex watches.

In exchange for appreciating they’re transparency, you’re guaranteed to receive 100% authentic Rolex watches with matching factory parts.

Bob’s Watches Policies and Services

Bob’s Watches is strict in their buying and selling policies to ensure they retain their reputation as authentic watch dealers.

Their customer service is also unparalleled which is why they hold the unwavering trust of customers worldwide.

Warranty and authenticity

Bob’s Watches authenticates all products they buy to ensure every part of the timepieces they sell are 100% original.

Their expertise in spotting fakes and replaced parts made them highly credible in the industry. 

They guarantee a full refund to customers who find the watches not completely genuine.

So far, none have claimed this guarantee and customers always give them the highest rating for dealing only with authentic watches.

You can also purchase a certified authenticity report for every watch you buy as an added proof that you’re getting an original Rolex timepiece.

Shipping service

Unlike other online resellers, Bob’s Watches have an actual inventory of the watches they sell.

This allows them to ship US orders within a business day after settling your payment.

International shipping can take much longer and you’ll be charged with an additional $150 to cover the costs. 

Payment options

They accept credit cards, wire transfers, and Google Checkout as payment.

Installment options are also available with rates ranging from 0% to 30% APR.

Customer service

You can easily contact Bob’s Watches on their website or give them a call for a more personal approach.

Business is open Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM (PST).


Bob’s Watches is the most reliable online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading Rolex and other luxury watches.

Their business model which promotes transparency has made the community trust them for years.

Their credibility is unmatched, and they have a long track record of satisfying every customer they’ve done business with. 

If you’re looking to buy pre-loved luxury watches online, Bob’s Watches is the first site you should visit.

You’ll never go wrong dealing with them and you’ll surely keep coming back for more.